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Introducing the Mobrey Hydrastep Electronic Gauging System


Exclusively Distributed by Delta Controls

Delta Controls, based in Farnham, UK, announced last month it has signed an agreement to purchase the Mobrey line of measurement products manufactured in Slough, UK from Emerson, the U.S.-headquartered global technology and engineering company.

A key product in the Mobrey product range, which is now exclusively distributed by Delta Controls, prior to full acquisition, is the Hydrastep 2468 Electronic Gauging System for steam drum level measurement.

Hydrastep technology was a customer-led development and its history spans a little over five decades. Nowadays the Hydrastep 2468 is seen by many as an industry standard and its reliability is second to none. Hydrastep has become the preferred choice for steam drum level indication as the display is separate from any monitors and gives an immediate and clear level indication within the control room. Outputs are often used for alarms and trips for emergency shutdown.

To date, the Hydrastep 2468 has been installed in over 6,000 critical applications globally. A key feature of the system is the electrodes which are comprised of exotic metals brazed with high-quality ceramics. The proprietary processes used are the result of decades of development which makes leaks practically unheard of.

Delta Controls is delighted to be the exclusive worldwide distributor of the Mobrey Hydrastep 2468 Electronic Gauging System and would welcome the opportunity to talk you through this product or any of the other products in the newly acquired Mobrey range.

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