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MicroFlow – The Maintenance-free Non-contacting Liquid Velocity Sensor

MicroFlow-area-velocity-flow metersvelocity sensor

MicroFlow delivers accurate and repeatable velocity flow measurement, either as a stand-alone device or as part of a complete area velocity flow meter system, which provides a viable alternative where the hydraulics of a site do not allow for a restriction in channel flows.

For applications that require loop powered signals into a system, the MicroFlow-I also provides accurate, repeatable velocity measurement, either as an individual sensor or by providing HART communication protocol or a 4-20mA loop powered signal. The extremely low power consumption of the MicroFlow-I makes it the ideal velocity solution for all of those remote installation where mains power is unavailable.

Traditionally, flow velocity has been measured using contacting devices, typically turbines or Doppler immersion probes, plus some other time of flight techniques. These have been highly successful but occasionally problematic, obviously potentially prone to fouling and, particularly the Doppler sensor, reliant on various conditions within the flow.

New approaches such as Pulsar’s MicroFlow and MicroFlow-I offer direct non-contacting measurement of water velocity to be made. Using microwave (RADAR) technology, along with completely novel digital signal processing, a compact transducer is positioned above the flow and makes a non-contacting, time-of-flight measurement of flow velocity. A simple bracket can be used to mount the transducer at the optimum angle and multiple sensors can be used for wide channels (over 1.5m).

Once a flow velocity has been determined, it can be combined with level measurement to produce a flow measurement using a velocity x area calculation. This is a powerful, relatively low cost approach that does not require the civil engineering that is so often required when measuring using a flume or weir.

Both the MicroFlow and MicroFlow-I are lightweight and compact in design making installation simple, especially within confined spaces and requires no interruption to normal operational flow.

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