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New All-in-one Control Valve Removes Need For Costly By-pass

With an innovative built-in design, IVL Flow Control’s new C-Valve offers leading-edge advanced pressure management – and eliminates the need for a costly and time-consuming by-pass in water supply networks.

Operating from zero flow and a maximum weight of just 19Kg for the largest 150mm cartridge, handling of the C-Valve is a one-person operation, requiring no lifting equipment. As well as being easy to install (no excavation required) and very easy to maintain, the C-Valve significantly reduces the health and safety issues caused by working in a confined space.

Benefitting from an intelligent manifold construction, this new IVL Flow Control C-Valve can be tailored to suit even the largest pipe diameters. And because each valve cartridge is situated within the manifold, it can be individually isolated for ease of maintenance, without causing interruption to customer supply – which could then lead to damaging SIM (Service Incentive Mechanism) Points or OPA (Overall Performance Assessment) Points.

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