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Rigamo – a new software package to improve the performance of volumetric gas meters from German instrument manufacturer Ritter – is now available in th UK from Litre Meter (www.litremeter.com).

Rigamo allows volume and flow rate data from Ritter gas meters to be easily exported to a spreadsheet for analysis.

One meter can be connected to a PC through a serial port or up to 24 meters can be connected to the same PC by using a digital input box which is in turn connected to the PC through a USB port. The interface enables data to be displayed on a monitor, stored on the PC or printed out.

Rigamo software is compatible with Ritter meters with a built in pulse generator, available as an option on all Ritter meters. The Windows compatible software enables data from the pulse generator in the meter to be displayed as a diagram on the PC monitor in real time. It also enables the averaging of data where flow rates fluctuate.

The graphic display has an X-axis which can display units in hours, minutes or pulses and enables the user to select which is appropriate. The display has two Y-axes. Y-axis 1 displays volume in millilitres, litres, cubic meters (m3) or cubic feet (ft3). Y-axis 2 shows the flow rate in a combination of units with time units in either hours or minutes.

Rigamo also enables the automatic selection of data acquisition periods.

The system can be operated manually or a time can be pre-selected. The system can also be set to terminate after a pre-selected number of pulses or drum revolutions.

Dr Joachim Ritter, general manager of Ritter, said: Ritter drum-type gas meters are designed for measuring the volume of flowing gases and are particularly effective when measurements demand the highest precision in laboratory and other testing environments. The Rigamo software is designed to enhance that precision.

The software requires a special cable and a connecting kit, available through Litre Meter, sole distributor of Ritter products in Great Britain and Ireland.

Dr Ritter added: We are also developing a version of the software designed to communicate with laptops via a USB port.



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