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Practical Handheld Multimeter For Sophisticated Measuring Tasks Now Available

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High functionality, abundant settings. Measurement data can be stored, sent via e-mail and evaluated in real-time via the free app.

Conrad Business Supplies has extended its range of measuring instruments with the highly accurate and reliable TRUE RMS digital multimeter MM 12 from Benning. The MM 12 handheld multimeter helps maintenance and service technicians, industrial electronics engineers, hardware developers, and laboratory technicians to conduct sophisticated measurement tasks in electrical systems that are rated with the highest measuring category (CAT lV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V).

Compared with conventional averaging measuring instruments, the MM 12 is based on a TRUE RMS measuring method and displays the actual effective value of an alternating current correctly. It does not matter whether the signal being measured is sinusoidal or distorted. TRUE RMS measuring instruments are mainly used in industrial areas when inductive loads cause reactive power.

“Non-linear loads, caused by variable speed motor drives, frequency converters or power supplies for office equipment and LED lights, lead to reactive power in the mains network. As a result, conventional multimeters and current clamps are less accurate. Our digital multimeter MM 12 offers a perfect solution for this issue”, says Tobias Enck, Technical Sales, Product Advisory at Benning.

As special feature, the MM 12 does not only monitor, record and store readings, but it can also share data between departments within an organisation for further evaluation in real-time. This is done using the free app, “Benning MM-CM Link”, for Android and iOS devices. Analysis of the readings can be done graphically or numerically. Data from up to five MM 12 multimeters can be integrated via the app at the same time. The split-screen display can be activated, allowing simultaneous viewing of all graphics. Readings can also be sent directly to a team via e-mail. The data is transferred via a Bluetooth® interface (Low Energy 4.0).

“We have included the Benning logging multimeter MM 12 in our sales program for users in the areas of industry, service and crafts who need highly reliable and accurate measuring instruments,” says Julian Magnano, Head of Product Groups (Measurement, Environmental Measurement, Power Supplies), Business Unit Strategic Brands at Conrad Business Supplies. “In addition to numerous functions for precise measurement and data collection, the MM 12 can forward readings and measurement data to other members of an organisation for an in-depth analysis, using a smartphone app.

When connecting the MM 12 to a PC, users can use the license-free Benning PC-WIN MM 12 software to record up to 100,000 readings and display those graphically. The integrated data logger (LOG) allows for the storage of 40,000 readings and up to 1,000 readings can be stored in the memory (MEM). Additionally, functions such as a peak value memory; relative measurement; display of maximum, minimum and average values; and level measurements are available. For measurements on pulsed motor drives, the MM 12 has a low-pass filter (HFR) eliminating high-frequency pulses.

The measuring functions of the MM 12 cover current, voltage, resistance, frequency, capacity and temperature as well as continuity and diode testing. The input sockets offer 1000 V overvoltage protection. If the sockets for the milliamp and amp range are connected in the wrong way, the multimeter sends out a warning signal tone.

A calibration certificate, software and a serial data cable with USB port are part of the package. A rubber bumper, magnetic hanger, protective bag, batteries, measuring leads, wire temperature sensor and a detailed instruction manual are also included.

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