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Precise High Speed Torque Transducer Offers Space & Cost Savings

T40HS torque transducer

As requirements for torque measurement increase in terms of speed and precision, the T40HS torque transducer is the latest offering from HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – to provide a precise solution for high rotational speeds up to 45,000 rpm.

Developed to minimise measurement uncertainty in high-speed applications, the T40HS features a robust design with high torsional stiffness, which allows for dynamic torque testing.  Eliminating the need for additional bearings, this means that potentially expensive maintenance overhead costs can be dramatically reduced.  Offering further cost saving incentives, the compact design of the high-speed transducer also means that the innovative T40HS can be cost-effectively integrated into an existing test bench.

Manufactured from titanium to reduce the dynamic torque in acceleration processes, the lightweight T40HS also reduces the load on bearings of the drive machine, which can in turn, potentially expand the service life of a system.

Suitable for use in applications involving high-speed drives, turbines, transmission test rigs, adjustable actuators and for efficient monitoring of complete power trains, the T40HS is suitable for a wide range of applications where performance tests at high rotational speeds are an important issue.

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