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New Process Viscosity Analyser Combines Oscillating Piston Technology With Tight Temperature Control

PAC, a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications, is pleased to announce the release of our new process viscosity analyser.

ViscoSure combines the proven oscillating piston technology with tight temperature control, to provide viscosity analysis with unmatched precision. With internal temperature control without using the traditional external oil bath, the ViscoSure requires little to no maintenance bringing maximum instrument uptime and low cost of ownership. The fast and reliable measurements allow for precise and continuous adjustment of the process, while maintaining a high correlation with ASTM D7483 and ASTM D445 test methods.

Performance, reliability, and precision are critical for viscosity measurements in bottom of the tower applications. ViscoSure is the only viscosity analyser designed specifically for these complex applications:

Asphalt: (135°C): With its fast cycle time, it replicates lab results in real time, avoiding the process of sending material to the slop tank to be adjusted and retested.

Heavy Fuel Oil (50°C): ViscoSure helps refiners reduce over-blending of costly diesel.
Lubrication Oil (40°C/100°C): ViscoSure makes it possible to fine-tune the process performance to improve output, reducing the bottleneck that can occur on the dewaxing unit of a lubricant line.

The patented sample conditioning system (SCS) optimises the instrument’s performance and protects the analyser from process disruptions which reduces downtime.

“The ViscoSure is a game changer, when it hits the market, particularly in the black products. such as asphalt, it will make an impression” says Alex Lau, chairman of ASTM’s Coordinating Subcommittee on Quality Assurance and Statistics.

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