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Quick Closing Valve – The AKO Pinch Valve Beats All

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Quick Closing Valve Expectations

One of the most important factors of any type of valve on the market is it”s closing speed. For an accurate shutoff of any product, many engineers and valve users/operators require a valve closing time that is as fast as possible. The AKO pinch valve is an extremely quick closing valve, and under tests has performed lightening fast closing times.

The sleeve inside these quick closing valves is made from a reinforced rubber elastomer. The rubber is double-walled to make it extra strong. The rubber elastomers, more commonly known as sleeves, bladders or membranes, are available in a wide variety of different rubber materials including EPDM, natural rubber, silicon, butyle, nitrile, hypalon, neoprene, and viton. Selected rubber materials are available in food grade versions as well.

As well as this quick closing valve shutting off extremely quickly, the rubber sleeve also seals tightly 100% around any product or media passing through the valve. This is a huge benefit as it ensures no product can leak or cause spillages, even with water and other liquids.

Quick closing valves by AKO UK

Quick closing valves by AKO UK

End Connections & Applications for the Quick Closing Valve

The range of end connections for the AKO quick closing valve is vast. Mostly in stainless steel, aluminium or in some cases plastic, the end connections include flanges (DIN & ANSI 150), tri-clamps, weld-on ends, internal threaded sockets, and RJT threaded spigots. The end connections can be mixed and matched, so a flange may be fitted to one end of the quick closing valve, with a screwed socket fitted to the other end.

Which type or material of a quick closing valve to choose would depend on the application the valve would be used in. Some of the industrial areas and application examples include the water industry, sewage treatment, building and construction (sand, gravel, grit, cement, mud), powders, plastics, pellets, pharmaceutical industry, chemicals, food stuffs, conveyed air, vacuum conveying, bag weighing, vessel portioning, and train toilet systems, to name a few. For more information please visit AKO”s quick closing valve.


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