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SPA2 Programmable Limit Alarm Trips Now Available With New Features & Software

SPA2 Programmable Limit Alarm Trips

The SPA2 has a reliable reputation as a standalone alarm trip providing High or Low Limit Process Alarms while monitoring industrial processes and warns of unwanted process conditions, provides emergency shutdown or simply executes on/off control.

The SPA2 now offers versatile new alarm options that allow the user to set up more specific alarm functions. The Band Alarm feature combines the High and the Low Trip Alarms into one alarm to warn of a process that has left its normal operating conditions. Alternatively the Band Alarm may be configured with a single setpoint and deviation setting.

The Stuck Input Alarm monitors the input with respect to time and trips when that input hasn’t changed by a user-selected rate (Delta) over a user selected time period (Delta Time). The rate-of-change (ROC) alarm has been updated and now includes alarming on a PV (Process Variable) that is rising, falling or moving in either direction too fast.

The Fault alarm now includes: Input Saturation to identify when the input signal exceeds 110% of calibrated input range, an Out-of-Range alarm, and broken wire alarm. The new copy alarm setting allows the user to duplicate the exact setting of any other alarm. The SPA2 provides users the ability to setup the alarm using on-board controls or the company’s free updated PC Configuration Software. An updated SPA2 manual is available combining both the TRPG and HLPRG models into a single manual.

The new SPA2 has the same reliability and quality expected from Moore Industries with the same great features including the ability to accept input signals from transmitters, temperature sensors, resistance and potentiometer devices, and direct millivolt sources.

The SPA2 features industry-best 20-bit input resolution; long-term stability (5 years); and a metal, RFI-resistant, DIN-mount housing. A large, five-digit process and status readout shows the process variable, the output, or toggles between the two in selectable engineering units.

For more information on Moore Industries, visit www.miinet.com.

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