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The New UF D5500 Fixed Clamp-on Flow Meter

UF D5500 opencal

The New UF D5500 from Micronics is a “Best Value” easy to use, non-contact flow meter for the measurement of pumped, full pipe Wastewater and other solutions, suspensions or aerated liquids including: Raw Sewage, Viscous Liquids, Sludge & Slurries, Solvents, Pulp Stock, Food Products, Lubricating Oils & Crude Oil.

It’s a non-contact, non-invasive, Doppler flow meter with the facilities to measure, display, totalise, log and provide control functions from outside the pipe i.e. no need to drain-down systems or cut pipes and easy maintenance with the following benefits: No blocked flow sensors, obstruction to flow, system pressure drop, sensor corrosion or contamination of the liquid being measured.

The meter is suitable for pipe sizes from 12.7mm to 4500mm, the enclosure is watertight (IP 66) and it has Intrinsic Safety Barriers for mounting in hazardous locations.

A New integral 26 million point data logger is now a standard feature and the meter now supports Industrial Automation Protocols: Modbus RTU via RS485 or HART (field selectable).

For further information regarding this exciting New product and its application visit www.micronicsflowmeters.com or call Micronics today on +44(0)1628 810456

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