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Trivalve Non-Return Valves – Compact, Food Grade, Low Cost, Easy Install

trivalve non return valves

Trivalve non-return valves combine the design of a Tri-clamp gasket and a non-return device, combining them into a single-piece, easy-to-install, in-pipe non-return component. Trivalve offers a compact, low-cost alternative to expensive, multi-component non-return valves that are often used in hygienic piping systems.

These unique, UK-designed valves are new to the market and are currently available for purchase directly at www.trivalve.com. They are available in three sizes (1”, 1.5” & 2”) and fit into pipework designed to common industry standards such as ASME BPE & BS4825-3. At present the valves are supplied in two magnetically susceptible, Food Grade elastomers; silicone (red) and EPDM (black) – elastomer material Certificates of Conformance are available.

Trivalves are purely passive in operation and respond to the pressure / flow gradient within the pipe in a similar way to a flap-type non-return valve, i.e. forward flow will push the valve open, the larger the flow the greater the extent of opening and reverse flow will cause the valve to close, providing a barrier against continued flow in the reverse direction.

Each Trivalve model is available with two hardness options; soft (which is approximately 60A Shore at room temperature) and hard (approximately 80A Shore). Having different hardness values allows the end user to select the most suitable valve for their application.

At identical flow rates a softer valve will exhibit a lower pressure drop than a hard version, because it is more easily pushed open, but the harder valve will ultimately be able to withstand a higher pressure in the reverse flow direction.

easy install non return valves

Installing or removing a Trivalve is as easy as installing or removing a Tri-clamp gasket. They can be installed in any orientation and, once installed, the valves are no larger than the flange in which they are fitted.

Although new to market, a broad range of potential applications exist for this novel design – we have even had enquiries about using the valves as dispensing nozzles, vessel vacuum breakers and even simple pressure relief devices.

trivalve logoAt Trivalve we’re committed to improving and developing our products and we’re always happy to discuss any potential options such as different elastomers, harder or softer grades etc. Due to the level of interest, a single-piece 1-inch dispensing nozzle is under development, which will also be a one-piece item for Tri-clamp fittings.

More information regarding Trivalve non-return valves, including data sheet downloads, is available at www.trivalve.com.

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