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Unique Modular Electromechanical Actuator Adapts To Any Application

New CASM 100 electromechnical actuator offers exceptional flexibility for a broad range of applications

SKF has launched the versatile CASM 100 electromechanical actuator with a variety of different modules, making it exceptionally adaptable to satisfy a range of applications in a variety of sectors.

This problem-solving technology can, for example, be used in the automation sector on applications including servo presses, test benches, plastic injection moulding, dosing machinery and conveyors. In the metals sector, it can be used for continuous casting, steel bar handling, the regulation of foundry processes. It also has sawing and other applications in the woodworking sector, and roll adjustment in pulp and paper mills.

The product’s modular design offers a base platform with new modules planned for release over time to cater for future needs. The standardised interface between modules – similar to the concept of LEGO bricks – increases the unit’s flexibility and makes it backward compatible. This modularity design also offers the benefit of easy integration and fast assembly.

The CASM 100 actuator has a range of applications including the control of robots, handling and packaging machines, sorting systems and cutting machines. The availability of different modules also allows customers to change the CASM 100 to suit their own specific application needs, selecting the optimum combination of performance and cost.

The actuator consumes up to 80% less energy than pneumatic alternatives and 50% compared to hydraulic solutions. It also uses fewer consumables because, in many applications, is virtually maintenance-free, only requiring re-lubrication using standard grease. There is also no need to change hydraulic fluids and seals so it is remarkably clean, leak-free, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

Featuring a linear design that will withstand the harshest conditions, the CASM 100 is manufactured from high-grade materials, boasts a long service life and offers an outstanding level of precision and repeatability. The actuator has a force range up to 82kN and linear speed up to 890 mm/s, and will support OEMs and machine builders migrating to the latest Industry 4.0 technology.

The CASM 100 also benefits from a wide assortment of accessories, outstandingly long stroke lengths (up to 2m) to fit an array of applications, and an inline and parallel gearbox, the latter with spur gear technology and manual override available as standard for an extra safety in operations in case of power losses.

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