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Volumetric Self-priming Screw Pumps For Handling Oils & Liquids With Minimum Lubricating Quality

Mechanical PTOs

These screw pumps are volumetric self-priming pumps suited to handle oils and liquids with a minimum lubricating quality. The design simplicity makes these screw pumps intrinsically reliable and efficient.

The accurate hydraulic balance and the special profile of the screw thread guarantee a continuous flow with minimum pulsations and turbulance, resulting in extremely low noise levels even at high rotational speed.

The screws epicycloidal profiling is developed through a complex computerised calculation which not only perfectly defines their shape, but also controls the production with continuous monitoring of machinery process, consequently assuring a high degree of repeatable quality.

The high-quality level of these screw pumps is guaranteed by a final testing on 100% of the manufactured products.


» Compatible with a wide range of viscosities from 1 to 12,000 cSt and above.
» Efficiently working also at very low temperatures (-20°C).
» High self-priming capacity.
» High rotation rates = minimizing the size and cost of the pump.
» Steady flow rate = maximum efficiency in heat exchange applications.
» Special design for systems with entrained air in the lubricant = minimizing the vibrations and noise caused by air.
» Minimum sensitivity to particle pollution = longest life of the pump and circuit.
» Continuous operating pressures up to 130 bar, peak 200 bar.
» Pulsation-free = maximum efficiency of filtering applications.
» Extremely quiet.

Product Options

Screw pumps: standard according to API 676, for mineral and lubricating oils also fluids with low lubricating properties (water + oil, HFC, LFO, HFO). Flows up to 5,000 litres per minute and pressure up to 130 bar (200 bar peak).

• SAE counterflanges.

• Motor pump sets: close coupled, AC or DC electric motors.

• Pre-assembled systems: with bell-housing and coupling arrangements.

• Skid mounted pumps: with or without motor but suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting.

• High efficiency Air/Oil Heat Exchangers: up to 14,000 kCal/h (16kW).

• Off-line filtration systems (filtration trolley) and complete stand alone systems, also for machine tools).

• Relief valves: Flow rate from 50 to 1,200 litres per minute and pressure up to 40 bar.

• ATEX approval for use in explosive atmospheres: ATEX Zone 0 & 1

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