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Wanner Launches New, Versatile High Flow Pump

G66 SS high flow pump

Extending its seal-less, packing-free product range, Wanner International has launched the Hydra-Cell® G66, a new powerful, positive displacement, multiple diaphragm pump capable of flow rates up to 249 litres per minute, (65.7 US gpm) at pressures up to 48 bar (700 psi).

The pumps are available with a choice of pump head materials, including brass, 316L stainless steel, ductile iron, and polypropylene making them suitable for pumping a wide range of liquids, including water, acids, caustics, freons, ammonia solutions, resins, glues and adhesives, inks, paints, polymers and NGLs – butane and propane.

The G66 is also capable of pumping slurries across the full spectrum of viscosities and liquids at temperatures up to 100ºC.

The unique seal-less design and horizontal disk check valves enable the Hydra-Cell G66 to handle abrasives and particulates commonly found in recycled liquids that might damage or destroy other pumps.

With its unique Diaphragm Position Control™ (DPC) protecting the diaphragms, the Hydra-Cell G66 can tolerate challenging operating conditions such as a closed inlet while still running. The pump is also able to run dry indefinitely without damage, in the event of accident or operator error, eliminating downtime and repair costs.

Simple, compact design reduces initial investment and lowers maintenance costs while the pump’s outstanding operational efficiency reduces energy costs. With a complete lack of dynamic seals, packing or cups to leak and replace reducing maintenance costs, the Hydra-Cell G66 is truly an economical proposition.

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Nick Herrington, Wanner International.
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Wanner International

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