January 2018

An insight into the world of PII's Marketing Director Guy Ullmann...

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Guy's WCU

Hello and welcome to my first WCU of 2018!

I hope you have enjoyed a positive start to the new year, which coincidently is the year of the dog, and I am currently considering adding one of these fluffy monsters to the Ullmann household (That should buy me a bit more time before the rugrats surely!?) Any words of wisdom from experience of owning a husky more than welcome!

To Husky or not to husky?

It appears the world has gone content crazy - in more ways than one...

We're receiving more and more PR every week, it's almost a full time job just sifting the rough from the smooth, let alone replying, editing and uploading to the website, social medias and newsletters or publishing in the magazine. But here's what I don't understand:

As a supplier or agency, your clients pay you for your products & services. 

If you write PR, you invest time, effort and money into writing it, which you then send to a carefully selected number of medias who are a good fit for your company.

As medias, our product and service is making sure that your PR is seen and read by as many relevant people as possible. And as this our product, we make a charge for it, makes sense, right? Apparently not....

So I'd love to know, why in todays world, some companies have a policy not to pay, or leave no budget to promote PR? It's absolutely crazy, or is it a case that they do not have much confidence in their PR, so will not back it up with a budget, in which case, why send it in the first instance?

I have a number of grudges about the industry, but this has to be right up there ('Pop up' medias that have been around for 5 minutes claiming to have 100k+ email subscribers is also very close, but I'm sure you are not gullible enough to believe this!?).

We are more than happy to work with companies on annual campaigns that include PR promotion as part of that campaign, however those who have no intent in supporting medias should really find another source to promote through, as this surely can not continue - or one by one reputable magazines, like the recent closure of Solids & Bulk, will be unavoidable.

PII has always aimed to deliver quality editorial content, without the pressure of placing advertising along side it, however as more and more companies happily provide editorial with no advertising support, maybe it's time for magazines to start charging for editorial? 

Something in the industry has to change.

What's Coming Up in the January issue of PII

In our first issue of 2018, we have the first of 3 Solids Handling & Processing Supplements, the first of 3 BPMA newsletters and our usual array of topical and interesting feature articles, going out to our 8,500 readers and 15,000 email subscribers.

  1. Robotics – Solving the UK productivity gap with robotics
  2. Condition Maintenance –  Calculate the cost of the business if your equipment fails?
  3. Pumps & Pumping – Stay in control of dosing with PC Pumps
  4. Health & Safety - Paying attention to metal contamination risks
  5. Robotics – The evolution of robotics: Meet your new colleague
  6. Digital Twinning – The digitisation of the manufacturing sector
  7. Cyber Security – Are manufacturers ready for Ransomware?


PI Viewpoints - Each issue Phil will be selecting his favourite Viewpoints article, this issue will be: The Importance of ‘Good Data’ when Tuning PID Loops

Solids Handling & Processing Supplement Including 3 features


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PII 2018 Media Brochure


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PII Greatest Hits

PII Greatest Hits

I have again listed the top 10 most read articles on our site, since my last WCU back in October, with an interesting winner ;-)

Well, this is a first, and I have to admit, somewhat of a surprise, in fact I'm pretty damn proud of the reaction my article on images for PR and websites has created - 6,000+ views, in only 5 weeks!

Admittedly it did take some time to prepare, including downloading and learning editing software I have never used before, but it was really quick and simple and helped make my point about image editing.

Thank you to everyone who shared the post and those who dropped me a quick email about it - most appreciated. And yes I am available for similar articles ;-)

What is also interesting looking at the top 10, 4 entries are from our Viewpoints section - Damien is certainly creating a great reaction, his latest post has 52 shares and counting. Why not share some of your knowledge & experience too?

As always, the top 10 is also dominated by our Premium PR members, who certainly do appreciate good PR exposure ;-) 

You can view our PR memberships here

Me at the top!

Me at the top! :)

Faking it until you make it

On the subject of 'Pop Up' medias, I found this story about how a fake restaurant became London's no. 1 restaurant on Tripadvisor absolutely brilliant. It goes to show what a feeble world we live in now, where fake reviews (or readership figures) lead the way. Maybe this is a wake up call? 

Shy & retiring, wise or bold...you decide!

Due to popular demand we have extended our combined package promotion, which offers exposure across our most popular services across our website, newsletter and social channels. Read more here

Ezine series

There is still time to book into our first Ezine, focussed entirely o Process Measurement & Instrumentation.

You can view a mockup below, and full details here

So a rather feisty start to the New Year, and no doubt a few feathers ruffled, but hopefully also a few changes in attitude too - we live in hope!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any comments please drop me an email.

All the best,


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