June 2018

An insight into the world of PII's Marketing Director Guy Ullmann...

Oh, and news about each issue of PII !!

Guy's WCU

Welcome to my June WCU!

It's been a rather rocky road for me during these last few months. After 5 years together, Talita and I have gone our separate ways, which also means we now have a brand new designer at PII - and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Milana to our team. She is highly experienced in many aspects of design and we're incredibly excited to be working with her.
If you have any design requests such as print, web design, rich media, logo, interactive application design etc, please get in touch.

So yes, after 5 fiery years, (to be expected with a 1/2 Brazilian 1/2 Italian lady!) it was not meant to be. I have no regrets and some incredible memories, but it's funny how things in life work out, as I have since met a rather amazing new lady, Robi, and the early signs are that I'm rather smitten :) 

My new lady, Robi!
My sister's birthday card to me

My sister thinks she's funny (Probably best not to repeat what she wrote inside!)

38 and counting....

We have just had my favourite bank holiday of the year, as it rather conveniently coincides with my birthday! Blessed with great weather and even better company, I hit the dizzy heights of 38 feeling very positive and excited about this next chapter in my life.  Although the day did start rather amusingly as I received 2 calls from Ullmann Senior. The first, as always, to discuss work, with no mention of birthday wishes, the second a few minutes later, which I assumed would be him groveling, but nope, it was to discuss more work! Bless the old bugger, when he eventually realised he was very apologetic! 

PII is of course a big part of this chapter, and I would like to thank those of you who continue to support and trust us, especially considering the competitive industry we are now in, and the amount of utter garbage there is out there killing it.

GDPR a big fuss about nothing?

Of course GDPR is now in effect, and looking at the promotions tab in my inbox, it has not made the slightest bit of difference! Will I report any of these senders? - Only if I opt out and they continue to send me emails, otherwise life goes on and there are far more important things to focus on!

I think it's really geared more towards B2C than B2B, and there is still a great deal of confusion which has lead to, in my opinion, a lot of over-reaction. In fact one our lovely agents we work with (Thank you Sarah!) brought an article on the Guardian to our attention, entitled: Most GDPR emails unnecessary and some illegal, say experts, it makes for a very interesting read, but I guess time will tell...

However, please continue to send Phil your PR ([email protected]), which will be gratefully received (along with a PO!) and I'll keep sending my WCU, special promotions or new services we're introducing - speaking of which, read below for details about how you could trial a new service we're introducing.

Back to business though as we're now finalising our June issue and here's 'What's Coming Up'.....

What's Coming Up in the June issue of PII

  1. Compressors – Do they still need routine maintenance?
  2. Choosing the right bearing material – How different materials can affect bearing performance
  3. Improving Wastewater Measurement – Reducing the risk of excess discharges using electromagnetic flowmeters
  4. Analytics - Self Service Predictive Analytics
  5. Water Sources – Alternative water sources for Food & Drink manufacture
  6. Self-powering wireless sensors – Process monitoring or condition-based maintenance
  7. Effluent treatment and energy – A match made in heaven?

+ BPMA News (British Pump Manufacturers Association)

+ SHAPA Supplement (Solids Handling & Processing Association)

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PII April 2018 Front Cover

2018 Media Brochure

Media Brochure Cover


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PII Greatest Hits

PII Greatest Hits

Here are the top 10 most read articles on our site, since my last WCU back in March, guess who's top?

Broken record time again... 8/10 have a digital membership, the other 2 are from our Viewpoints section. If you send regular PR e.g. x 6 per year, why not give your PR the exposure it deserves?  Take a look here or watch the video below:

Yup, me top again and it amazes me...
What I really do not understand is that more and more companies are saying 'no budget' to promote their 'apparently not important enough to pay for it' PR, yet we offer a service which is PROVEN to create social media engagement, generates thousands of views and enhances your personal and corporate profiles, which is TOTALLY FREE, yet 99.9% of you have not taken advantage of this, I really wonder what medias have to do!? Read more here

Would you like to be our guinea pig?

Would you like to be our Guinea Pig?

We are currently researching a new service that we're looking to introduce very shortly. It's very different to anything we have done before and early feedback and results have been extremely positive.

Before we officially launch the service we're looking for an additional 5-6 companies to take part on a trial basis.
If you are looking to improve your SEO then this is certainly for you.
PLEASE NOTE the trial is PAID for, but at a significantly reduced rate compared to what it will be once it's live.

If you are interested in taking part drop me a line.

Linkedin Engagement

Phils Linkedin Engagement

The above is a screenshot from a post Phil (our editor) shared on his Linkedin profile. It details the top companies that have viewed it, top job titles and their Geo location. 

Phil makes a point of connecting with all readers on Linkedin and has built up almost 5,500 high-quality connections - as you can clearly see in the engagement figures.

For our Premium members this is all part of the service and one of many features, which you can view here

We can also run bespoke campaigns to create as much engagement as possible - get in touch to find out how.

So, a fresh start for me, a fresh new look to our magazine (which I have already seen a preview for the new BPMA news and it's looking fantastic), and I really hope you will want to place your fresh new advertising or news story in this issue!

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


Process Industry Informer is published 6 times a year and is read by the Management/Senior engineering teams responsible for the development, maintenance and purchasing for their particular establishment throughout the Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paper & Pulp, Power Generation, Water, Plastic & Rubber, Glass/Ceramics/Cement, Metals etc industries.

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