March 2019

An insight into the world of PII's Marketing Director Guy Ullmann...

Oh, and news about each issue of PII !!

Guy's WCU

Phew....! I hope that wasn't as painful to watch as it was to make!

As mentioned send your suggestions to [email protected]

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What's Coming Up in the March issue of PII


  1. Industry 4.0 - Bosch Rexroth
  2. Industry 4.0 - P4A
  3. Process Control - Emerson
  4. Test & Measurement - Anritsu

Energy & Power Focus

  1. Aggreko
  2. Carbon Trust
  3. Tidy Planet

Food & Beverage Focus

  1. Frost
  2. Siemens
  3. Fortress Technology

SHAPA Supplement (Solids Handling & Processing Ass.)

  1. Dust Control - I Systems
  2. Level Measurement - Bin Master
  3. Wolfson Centre

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2019 Reader Survey Results

The results are in from our 2019 reader survey, and there are some interesting results.
Below is a selection of some of the questions from the 226 participants:

Some interesting results there, especially that 60+% of our readers value the importance of PR, voting articles covering company news, product updates and case studies the most interesting.

We now charge just £65 to include your important news in the magazine, if budget is still an issue then.... OK I'm going to bit my lip here, but I'm sure you can hopefully read between the lines of this post, and then kindly ask your accountant for help!

The results of the survey were also very postive towards a new service we're considering, and I will be in contact with a chosen few in the coming weeks to see if you would be interested in helping us launch it - so if I call please take it or you'll miss out!

So there goes my first video post, it's kind of an exhilarating experience if I'm honest, I write and talk to so many of you, however now you can see me, not quite in person, but as myself - and as I hope you can see I don't bite! So please pass this onto your lovely 'gate keepers'!

As always I welcome your feedback and look forward to including you in our first issue of 2019 - please drop me a line on [email protected] or +44 1428 751188.

All the best,


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