November 2017

An insight into the world of PII's Marketing Director Guy Ullmann...

Oh, and news about each issue of PII !!

Guy's WCU

Hello and welcome to my November WCU - the last of the year!

So at long long last we finally announced our new website, it was certainly a learning experience and I feel like I've gone through 2 years of pregnancy, a month of labour and given birth to Quintuplets!

'Relieved' is probably the best word to sum my emotions up. And also delighted to now be displaying Twitter shares once again, hurrah!!!

We are very happy with the end result, but it will be a continued work in progress and we of course welcome your feedback.

There are many new & improved opportunities and with your support we're aiming to create the hub for the process industries - which we would all no doubt benefit from.

If you are planning your 2018 campaigns, we have a 'Quick Quote' section inside our Media Area - if you take 1 minute to complete it I'll send you a mouth-watering quote

Speaking of mouth-watering... we are now preparing our November issue and it's shaping up to be a Christmas Cracker, here's What's Coming Up....

What's Coming Up in the November issue of PII

We're looking to finish the year on a high, and hope that our commitment to our strong editorial lineup, well-maintained circulation database and competitive rates will encourage you to book into our final issue of 2017.

  1. Compressors – Considering their life cycle cost
  2. Preventing Bearing Failure –  Learning from bearing failures
  3. Asset Management – Maintaining Mechanical Equipment
  4. Waste in the Oceans - Plastic - Creating with a clean conscience
  5. Robotics – The evolution of robotics: Meet your new colleague
  6. DDMRP – What is DDMRP and how can business planners use it?
  7. 4.0 – Working as digitised supply chain management solutions
  8. Wastewater - Alternative PO4 removal techniques


PI Viewpoints - Each issue Phil will be selecting his favourite Viewpoints article, this issue will be:

Smart Manufacturing: What You Need To Know Before It’s Here

BPMA News - Including an article that considers ‘KSB Group take action against Asian brand and trademark infringes

GAMBICA Article - The Fourth Industrial Revolution - We don't know what we don't know

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PII Greatest Hits

PII Greatest Hits

For this issue, I have listed the Top 10 most read articles since my last WCU back in September - as you will see the stats are fantastic, totalling over 16,000 views in less than 2 months!

Many congrats to Watson Marlow for yet another top spot - I'm not sure what's more impressive; the 2,633 views, or the 238 social shares!

In any other issue the 2nd or 3rd placed articles would have won comfortably.

So is this dramatic increase in article views due to our new website? I'd like to think so after all the effort we have put it! Long may it continue!

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Out of these 10, 5 articles are from Premium PR members (in bold)  - the top 3 are Platinum/Gold members.

For me, it's crazy to think that those articles which are not booked into the magazine/newsletter or are not from PR members, will not have links/contact details and will be missing important sales enquiries and traffic to their websites - memberships start at just £195 for 12 months and guarantee the inclusion of all PR on our website WITH links, contact details and images - Surely it's a no brainer, even for the most diehard of 'we have no budget' sayers?

No Brainer

PI Viewpoints

Our new PI Viewpoints section is really starting to take shape. It's a completely free section and we welcome your contribution, you can read more about how to contribute here.

Note that we're trying to steer clear of technical product/service focussed articles - we have a news section & magazine for those!

This is more of an opinion-lead and relaxed approach, giving you the opportuntiy to speak your mind (and anonymous profiles are welcome!)

I will be submitting regular posts, and below are my first two - feel free to write a comment below the articles...

How far does a £100 advert really get you?

Confused Monkey

GDPR Regulation – Why Reputable Media Publishers Will Shine

As always, thank you for taking time out of your busy days to read through this, I'll be back in the New Year for news about our February issue, and no doubt my goings on over the Christmas period.

All the best,


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