November 2018

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Guy's WCU

Welcome to my November WCU!

I won’t lie, it’s been a challenging month. We were hit with some pretty awful news about my brother-in-law, which being a family-run business, has taken our focus off track a little. It comes just as they’d moved to the West country to start a new life, with new jobs. Life can really kick you in the balls sometimes.

However work must go on, and here I am with my final WCU of the year.

On a more cheerful note, prior to this news, we celebrated Robi’s 40th, which was quite an event…

I woke her up early on Friday morning with an early gift (no, not that!) explaining that she’d need it for the weekend.

She was rather puzzled: “My birthday isn’t until Tuesday?” she said blurry eyed.

Of course as with most women, she knew what is was before unwrapping - a pair of mountain hiking boots. (Maybe the puzzled look on her face was actually one of disappointment for the very unromantic gift!?)

I then explained she should start packing, and she might need her passport, which made her even more confused as she had to go to work…. or so she thought;

I’d previously arranged with her two bosses to have Friday & Monday off (Gold star me!)

So with no idea where we were going, she tried to pack what she thought she’d need, and off we jetted.

We flew into Rome, picked up the hire car and drove north to Umbria. At this point I said we were staying at a campsite - which explained the walking boots.

As we drove through the grounds of our destination, she spotted a sign ‘Castello’ to which she shrieked “Castle??? Are we staying in a castle!?

Well I always say you're a princess” (not in the way she interprets it though!)

So yes, I discovered a beautiful little medieval castle, Petroia, set on top of a hill between Perugia and Gubbio, the surroundings and views were stunning.


Over the weekend we ate at their Michelin star restaurant, which was honestly the best (and possibly most expensive!) meal I’ve ever had - although dressed in hiking gear wasn't how I imagined it! We visited some beautiful towns, got soaked at the tallest man-made waterfall in the world, then on the Sunday trekked 2,500m up a mountain to a glacier lake (Lago di Pilato) in the Monti Sibillini national park, which was pretty spectacular.

Lago di Pilato

Sadly the heavens opened with torrential rain Sunday evening which meant my surprise horseback trekking had to be cancelled, however it meant we could visit beautiful Perugia, which just happened to have a chocolate festival - they must have known we were coming!

Robi also insisted we got balloon hats - the looks we got whilst going through customs….! She truly is the youngest 40- year-old I know!

So, not exactly the relaxing weekend she'd imagined, but hopefully one she’ll never forget :)

(And just so you know, she had a girly spa weekend booked the following week, so all was not so bad!)

So back to work and our Nov/Dec issue....

If you’re reading this and have not booked in this year, here's some food for thought...

A magazine is only as good as its a) content and b) readership.

Phil ensures we have better editorial content than any of our competitors, in fact it’s not uncommon to see features he’s turned away because of the lack of quality in other magazines! As they say Content is King

And as for our readership, I pay very close attention to this to ensure that we send the magazine only to high-quality readers - after all it costs us money to do this and I want to make sure only high-level engineers/managers/directors/consultants etc read our magazine - for our advertisers benefit.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t add marketing individuals to the circulation (only to our office marketing circulation) this ensures that as many readers receive the magazine as possible.

If you receive a magazine in its poly wrapper this means you’re on a mail circulation - along with umpteen other marketing people, the majority of which only have interest in your products & services from a competitive perspective.

We invest in our own in-house circulation management team that guarantees it remains as healthy as possible and have a vastly growing European digital readership, which has been a big focus for us this year.


What's Coming Up in the December issue of PII

  1. Finding value in liquid waste streams
  2. Generating off-grid energy
  3. Preventing maintenance matters as winter comes calling
  4. Optimising waste heat recovery
  5. Eliminating lubricant contamination from food processing machinery
  6. Reducing energy consumption using data analysis
  7. Solids handling & processing

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