September 2018

An insight into the world of PII's Marketing Director Guy Ullmann...

Oh, and news about each issue of PII !!

Guy's WCU

Welcome to my September WCU!

I hope you have enjoyed a fantastic summer, basking in the glorious summer sun!
This WCU is my favourite of the year - fresh from holidays and looking forward to a busy few months before the end of the year.

You may have noticed I did not send a WCU for our last issue, for the first time ever. I'll admit at that time I was at a bit of a low, and didn't want to come across too negative in my newsletter - it happens to the best of us I guess? This was mainly down to talking to the wrong people who appear to be in dreamland "We got a very special deal" said the 10th person in a row. One guy was so adamant that only he was paying this ridiculous ad rate, that he hung up on me, which is a first for me.
I actually wrote a cheeky LinkedIn post before all this, which says it all here

Also, during this period, it has been decided that this next issue will be the end of our long-established association (19 years) with the BPMA, so it's the last chance to feature in the BPMA news which Ullmann Senior has worked so hard on for all these years, missing just one meeting during this entire period due to ill health. It's a shame this has not been appreciated (recently) as much as it should have and it would be really great if all those who have declined for 19 years to give a little support in this final issue - just once can't hurt too much surely???

And of course above all this we lost out to Croatia in the semi-finals, less said about that the better!!!

Guy & Robi do Toscana

Onto more happier things....

I had a beautiful break in Tuscany, Robi and I toured around the area staying in some beautiful and 'interesting' locations! The towns are absolutely stunning, and with the countless number of free wine tastings you're sure to have a great time!

My highlights included watching the sunset over Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo listening to a lady sing the perfect sunset songs whilst playing acoustic guitar (call me an old romantic!). Tasting all the delicious ice cream flavours you can think of (I am a completely addicted) including from a shop in San Gimignano that had the accolade of winning the 'worlds best ice cream' for 2 years - it's worth a visit to the medieval town alone. Staying in some really weird & wonderful places including what appeared to be a beautifully converted cave complete with our own private balcony overlooking the most incredible view. Bike riding through the Tuscan landscape into a huge electrical storm! And the Thermal Springs in Saturnia, it was quite surreal seeing beach umbrellas & towels planted around the spring, but a perfect way to finish our Tuscan tour! Although I could not resist remaining in the pools during a big storm - yes I know; electricity and water do not go well together! 

Opposite, I've made a map of our journey with some of the highlights (you can click to enlarge), it was far from a relaxing holiday though, we didn't stop - I needed another one to recover!

Now back to the real world of work, sigh....

With PII, we have some interesting ideas in the pipeline, one of which I share below, it would be great to hear your feedback.

But before all that, we have our October issue of PII! Here's 'What's Coming Up'.....

What's Coming Up in the October issue of PII

  1. Pros & Cons of Cooling Tower Power Transmission Technologies
  2. Pumps – The argument for Canned & Mag drive pumps
  3. Plant Performance – Light as a service
  4. Predictive & Preventive Measures for Compressed Air Users
  5. The benefits of accurate calibration
  6. Health & Safety
  7. WWEM Preview

+ BPMA News (British Pump Manufacturers Association)

+ SHAPA Supplement (Solids Handling & Processing Association)

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PII Greatest Hits

PII Greatest Hits

Here are the top 10 most read articles on our site, since my last WCU back at the end of May

Many congratulations to Kirsty and the team at Burkert for another top spot! 

Yup, every PR bar one are from our online members. If you're serious about PR take a look here 

Almost 47,000 views and counting...

Phil's LinkedIN engagement

In my last WCU I discussed Phil's LinkedIn connections which is now up to almost 7,000, but I wanted to highlight his engagement...

Phil's LinkedIn connections

It's Through the roof!

Admittedly, the opposite is an extreme case, however his posts do genuinely attract thousands of views and as you can see via the analytics report below, the quality of reader is very high, not just in the UK, but across Europe, especially with video.

Phil's LinkedIn reader analytics

So what am I barking at here, you may ask?

Actually, there are two points, the first is something we can do for you immediately, the second is what I'd like your feedback on...

1. Well, if you would like Phil to promote your content, we can do so - drop me a line to find out how

2. Video News Roundup

Video News Roundup

It's very clear that video is hugely dominant on social media, as demonstrated above. With this in mind, we would like to start a weekly video news roundup and I would love to hear your feedback about this.

From talking to a number of clients and readers already, it appears to be a very popular step in the right direction.

The format would be:

  • A max of 3 minutes per video, with up to 30 seconds per slot for each news story, so 6 per issue
  • Headlines would be read at the beginning, then each story discussed in more detail
  • You can provide the copy to use (or we can take from your PR), images and video snippets can be edited in
  • In the description below the video we would link to the relevant articles on our website
  • It would be shared across our social medias, Phil's LinkedIn profile and also boosted
  • We would also upload each issue to our website

We feel this would be a great way to launch products, give quick demos (as we can embed video snippets) and engage with a large educated audience.

Get in touch if this is of interest

Authority Article Service

In my last issue I mentioned about a new service we were introducing, well, I'm delighted to showcase our first 'Authority Article' which you can view here

Here, our editorial team will write a technical article on a subject of your choice and our design team will create a beautiful page like the example above.

The idea of this is to create a 2000 word high-quality unique article that has direct links to your website for chosen keywords, to help boost your SEO.

To find out more get in touch

A really busy issue, I hope you made it all the way! I'll be in touch shortly about the other things in the pipeline which I am really excited about, and in the meantime I hope we can look forward to your inclusion in our October issue.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


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