September 2019

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Guy's WCU

Hello and welcome to my WCU end of summer edition boo hoo :(

I hope you've enjoyed a great summer, which for many had us puzzled over one question:

"How do you get Steve Smith out?"

How do you get Steve Smith out?

An all-too familiar sight!

We did eventually find a way, however it was sadly too late to stop the Ozzies reclaiming the Ashes, but what an Ashes it was - to the point where whilst on holiday during 'the' innings from Ben Stokes, I had to pull my hire car over to watch the final overs of a truly remarkable innings - much to the dismay of poor Robi!

Away from cricket, and with Brexit also still looming over us like a grey and miserable rain cloud, I wanted to share something I heard Chris Evans say on his breakfast show this week, which I think pretty much everyone I know will agree with:

"Prior to Brexit, not once have I ever, ever, ever spoken to anyone I have ever known about leaving Europe!"

He also commented that prior to Brexit there was an official survey made (to whom I can't remember) about the most important topics the government should focus on, and leaving Europe didn't even make the top 10!

Like the majority of us, I really am lost for words and if you want to be really gobsmacked, check out this 'Cost of Brexit' calculator.

Let's see what happens on October 31...Gulp!

Right, onto more happier things, this year for our annual get-away, Robi and I travelled to Croatia. It was a real thing, without too much planning which did catch up with us in parts, sadly.

My highlight by a long way was Plitvice Lakes, where we spent 1 1/2 days (due to the rather annoying ticket policy they have grrrr). Thankfully they limit how many visitors can enter each day because it's ridiculously busy so certainly worth waking up early to beat the photo-happy crowds!

The colours and scenes you see in photos do not do it any justice, it really felt like we were in a magical fairy-tail....

From here we travelled south to Split, then to Hvar and finally to Pag where I bravely attempted my first ever go at Wake Boarding, which as you can see below didn't quite go to plan...

Not my proudest moment and it didn't get much better! Think I'll stick to beach tennis!

And just for laughs, this was one of the strangest experiences I've ever had....

Overall it was good fun, a little more expensive than we realised, and certainly not recommended if you want a sandy beach holiday - as there are none! Really not sure if I'd go back though, if so only to visit Dubrovnik.

Right, enough of my blurb and onto far more interesting and important things.... our October issue of PII!

But before I get there, there is one quick new feature to the magazine I would like to mention - our brand new editorial audio podcasts, which have been a hugely popular introduction, you can download and listen to them here

PII cover master

Now for our October issue....!

What's Coming Up in the October issue of PII

Phil has worked tirelessly to produce yet another unbeatable schedule, the highlight of which is a major Pump & Valve focus, which includes no fewer than 14 features (I was reading a well-known pump magazine this week which included just two!)

As you will read on the comments below we're certainly hitting the sweat spot with our readers, who are the most important part of our business - without them you would be reading this!

  1. Industrial Automation
  2. Robotics
  3. Bearings
  4. Level Measurement
  5. Process engineering recruitment
  6. SIL Analysis
  7. Water & Wastewater

*Special: Pumps & Valves focus

Contribution from:

  • Albion Valves
  • ASCO
  • AUMA
  • Bonomi (UK)
  • Borger
  • Dunns Valve Testers
  • Future Market Insights on the Power Generation Pumps Market
  • Houghton International
  • KSB
  • Sulzer
  • TUV Rheinland
  • Watson Marlow
  • Weir Minerals
  • WES
  • Weir Minerals



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Here's what our readers think....

Below are a quick selection of reader feedback Phil received from our last issue via LinkedIn, as you'll read; even when it might not be relevant it still is...!

Final thought....

I know there's a lot of doom & gloom about Brexit, however industry does still keep going and our readers do keep reading, and many of our readers are from outside the UK, there's a pretty even 50/50 split, so there our opportunities for export if current UK clients are more tentative.

So you know, we are currently working on our 2020 editorial schedule which will be taking on an exciting new format, I'll be sending out in due course

Until then, thanks for reading and I really hope we can look forward to featuring you in this next edition

All the best,


Read the August issue of PII

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