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Carbon Trust and CRedit360 Partner to Deliver “Game-Changing” Value Chain Carbon Management Software

Carbon management system

The Carbon Trust and CRedit360 today announce a new commercial collaboration that will develop a series of software solutions designed to enable companies to cost effectively manage value chain carbon emissions. For the first time a carbon management system will be available that goes beyond measurement and provides     in-built capability to calculate, interpret and make recommendations on carbon reduction activities.

Typically carbon footprinting only includes direct and indirect operational emissions, known as Scope 1 and 2 emissions under the Kyoto Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Value chain footprinting also includes Scope 3 emissions, which represent the full lifecycle, from both suppliers and consumers, including all use and end of life emissions.

Based on the Carbon Trust’s decade of experience of footprinting thousands of businesses and products there is clear evidence that having a robust carbon management strategy across a corporate value chain can deliver significant rewards. These include improved brand equity, cost reduction, revenue enhancement and risk mitigation. However, accurately measuring value chain emissions presents unique challenges and can be complex and time consuming. Bringing together the Carbon Trust’s extensive footprinting experience with CRedit360’s award-winning sustainability software expertise these challenges can now be overcome to maximise the business benefits of managing a value chain.

John Whybrow, General Manger of Software at the Carbon Trust said:

“There are significant business benefits to be gained through having visibility of your value chain emissions. However, we also understand that this can be challenging.

“The sheer volume of data involved means that how you identify, collect and store the right sets of information over time, which can then be analysed in a meaningful and accurate way, is critical to success.

“Many companies are already stretching the capabilities of Excel to the limit and businesses need to have a reliable intuitive solution that can deliver the right level of business insight without the need for data management specialists. We believe the collaboration with CRedit360 will deliver unique game changing software to help address this challenge.”

Mark Shields, Managing Director of CRedit360 said:

“CRedit360 has been providing carbon management software for over 10 years and helping companies of all sizes calculate and report their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. As awareness and complexity of Scope 3 reporting increases, we’re delighted to combine the Carbon Trust’s unparalleled expert knowledge and the power of CRedit360 sustainability software to produce innovative solutions which provide a deeper view into the value chain.”

A value chain can represent a high volume of data. To meet the necessary business requirements it is critical that the data is captured to the right level of accuracy to enable strategic business decisions to be made confidently. In many cases a true value chain footprint also involves integration of information from suppliers, which needs to happen securely. Processing and modelling this level of data can be a drain on productivity and prove costly and resource intensive. By automating this process through intelligent software, which also provides interfaces for gathering supplier data securely, the level of internal resource needed is reduced and results are delivered faster.

The first product developed and available now through the collaboration is the ‘Value Chain Hotspotter’, which has been designed to enable companies to quickly estimate carbon intensive areas of their value chain. The tool covers seven Scope 3 categories using easily accessible company data. The release of the full Value Chain Reporting software platform is planned for autumn 2012.

For more information on the value chain software solutions from the Carbon Trust and CRedit360 please visit www.carbontrust.com/valuechainsoftware or www.credit360.com.

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