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​The chemical industry generates more than $770 billion per annum, making it the largest of any industry anywhere on the globe. It’s also one of the most heavily-regulated and intensive trades, which makes staying abreast of all developments imperative for professionals. This site gathers the most relevant and compelling chemical processing news, and contains hand-picked information that’s useful to industry professionals who are responsible for operating, maintaining, and managing some of the most complex facilities in the world.

Chemical Industry & Engineering News

​In a global market, there are numerous agencies to maintain compliance with.

Nearly every other industry relies on chemical engineering in some way or another, which means that there are dozens of regulatory bodies and thousands of guidelines to follow. In the interest of safety and eco-consciousness, these regulations are continually updated. As a broad-range online chemical engineering magazine, this site will host the latest developments and anticipated changes, so that decision-makers can take the steps needed to be prepared or become compliant. News regarding individual companies and facilities will also be available, so professionals are aware of important industry happenings and events.

Be armed with the knowledge it takes to run a successful plant with all the latest Chemical Engineering News

There are daily developments in chemical engineering news that decision-makers must be aware of in order to generate a stronger cash flow and operate a safer, more efficient facility. Goal-oriented and solution-focused content plays a critical role in this, as does awareness of products and vendors that can solve the both the common and complex issues that professionals in the chemical industry face. This site is committed to delivering timely and relevant information on numerous topics that are imperative for effective facility management. Some of the content will feature best practices and assistance with:

  • ​Asset Management
  • Automation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Logistics
  • Optimisation Techniques
  • Process Improvements
  • Safety Performance

​Learn about the latest advances in technology and practices.

To enable readers to be at the forefront of innovation, new technology, products, and procedural methods will also fill the pages of this site. With detailed data and the most-current research, facility managers can then make educated decisions as to which trends are most beneficial and cost-effective to be incorporated into plant development planning for optimal growth.

Professionals receive instant access to a wide breadth of information in one online chemical processing magazine.​

Regardless of niche or sector, chemical engineering and processing professionals will find the latest cutting-edge information packed throughout the pages of this site. The archives will also grow to become a library of data, for easy research later. To keep on top of developments in the chemical industry as they happen, be sure to bookmark this site for quick retrieval.




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