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Combined Heat & Power (CHP) System is Highly Commended for Emissions Performance

UK combined heat and power (CHP) manufacturer ENER-G has been Highly Commended in the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) Innovation Award for its environmental performance.

ENER-G”s UK research, development, engineering and manufacturing teams have designed and developed  a new range of “ultra-low” NOx Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems.

As the only UK CHP supplier to design, engineer and manufacture cogeneration systems under one roof in the UK, ENER-G is able to continuously innovate and speedily develop ever cleaner and greener products.

The technology is achieving emissions levels five times lower than the most widely accepted limit and half of the most stringent limit set by BREEAM and the Greater London Authority (GLA).

The in-house team has dramatically reduced NOx emissions across its 50kWe to 230kWe fleet to less than 50mg/Nm3 @ 5% O2.

Remarkably, this exceptionally low level will be sustained throughout the lifetime of the catalyst and without the extra cost and bulk of using external NOx abatement equipment. This ensures a much safer emissions level than was previously possible for small scale CHP.

Ian Hopkins, Sales and Marketing Director for ENER-G said:  “Most CHP suppliers achieve lower NOx levels by using external SCR (Selective catalytic reduction), which adds significantly to capital cost and increases the size and footprint of the system. This has been avoided by ENER-G, thus creating a cost effective, clean energy system that can meet the strictest emissions standards anywhere in the world. We are delighted to gain recognition from the energy industry for our achievement.”

ENER-G has achieved a dramatic reduction in NOx reductions while preserving high system efficiency. As such, high efficiency (circa 80-90%) and carbon saving benefits of up to 30% are being maintained.

For CHP systems with an electrical output above 230kWe, ENER-G can incorporate external NOx abatement technology, such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR). This can bring the NOx emissions level down as low as 10mg/Nm3, when necessary.

Each unit in the low NOx CHP range is controlled by ENER-G”s E-POWER system.  This gives worldwide access for remote monitoring, control and energy management. More than 200 parameters are available to be viewed on each CHP unit. This cloud based data is monitored live 24/7 by ENER-G”s UK based Operations and Maintenance department – this optimises performance and ensures consistent low emissions levels.

In today’s modern world of “sharing” ENER-G’s customers can now gain real-time insights into their own CHP performance at any time via the local touch screen or globally through the web browser based E-Power portal. This delivers clear data that can be accessed by the client both in graphical form and at various levels of detail for exporting into excel or other useful formats. This type of reporting facility enables clients to comply with statutory environmental requirements, as well as CHPQA.

Ian Hopkins continued: “As the level of emissions testing rises, it is important to make sure that CHP equipment is fit for purpose for its lifetime, not just at the planning and commissioning stages. ENER-G has achieved sustained lifetime emissions performance to comply with strict standards. This is helping customers to ensure long-term compliance and avoid reputational damage or disruption and cost due to NOx emissions failings.

“Customers, particularly consultant engineers, are benefitting from having units that are pre-tested and approved for meeting the NOx levels required to help them smoothly through the planning process.”

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