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Quick Couplings for Safe Separation from Temperature Control Units

Huber presents new quick couplings for safe separation of the application from the temperature control unit.

Temperature control units are usually connected to the application (e.g. reactor) with insulated hose lines. The separation points are usually equipped with metal-sealing glands. The quick couplings available on the market are usually neither suitable for the temperature range nor for the broad range of temperature control media. High pressure drops often result in a poor performance of the overall system.

Another problem is disconnecting the temperature control unit from the application – so far; the circulator always had to be emptied. Huber Kältemaschinenbau therefore developed new quick couplings that meet the special requirements for temperature control applications and safely prevent the escape of thermofluid when disconnecting.

The new quick couplings guarantee an optimum flow, low pressure loss and good heat transfer. All components are made of stainless steel and with high-quality, durable sealing compounds for safe operation. Minimum axial coupling forces required due to a bayonet locking device. Optional equipment on request, e.g. ATEX approval for Zone 2 or dust and insulation caps.

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