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Defining the basics – Hazardous Area Weighing Webinar

Hazardous Area Weighing

Equipment and products operating in hazardous areas are required to meet stringent criteria. They must be “protected” to avoid the possibility of them becoming a source of ignition. Weighing systems are often an integral part of a process within the hazardous area and therefore must have suitable protection.

Many industries face major challenges when defining a zone as hazardous and this can have major implications for your business operation should you fail to meet the required legislative standards.

METTLER TOLEDO invites you to access its free-to-view online webinar ‘Hazardous Area Weighing – Basics’. This online presentation aims to educate and improve understanding of weighing in hazardous areas, covering a variety of topics across three modules:

Module 1:
–      Hazardous Protection – Why?
–      Industries at risk
–      The triangle of explosion

Module 2:

–       Global hazardous standards
–       Understanding ATEX zoning
–       Understanding the NEC division system

Module 3:
–       Techniques of explosion protection
–       Understanding the EX label
–       Application overview in industries
–       Maintenance in hazardous areas

To register for this webinar visit: www.mt.com/uk-hazardous-webinar

Mettler-Toledo Ltd

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