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FL776 Rotary Lobe Pumps Help Sewage Treatment Works

Following a six month trial at Howdon Sewage Treatment Works, Northumbrian Water is set to replace a total of four troublesome pumps with FL776 rotary lobe units made by Börger.

Initially, a Börger pump with optimum rotors was put to work in the heavy rag application, transferring sludge from a sludge holding tank to an AD plant, as Colin Davison, Mechanical Maintenance Team Leader at Northumbrian Water, explains:

“We wanted to improve this part of our process with a pump that would perform with suitable effectiveness, but also be far more reliable and easier to service than what we were using”.
He added:  “Over a sustained 6 month period, the Börger FL776 proved conclusively that it is more than capable of handling this tough application, with the bonus that its maintenance-in-place design makes it much easier and far less time-consuming to service than other pumps”.
To help reduce costs for Northumbrian Water, Börger will be reusing the 30kW drives from the original pumps.

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