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Grundfos helps to rebuild Mosul

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Having rarely been out of the news, Mosul is now attempting to re-build itself after suffering many years of constant bombardment and shelling. This, the second largest city in Iraq, saw some of the most violent clashes during the recent conflict that left this area virtually without any infrastructure or access to basic resources.

To support the demands for water, Grundfos Pumps have been working with the United Nations Development Program – UNDP – to provide the pump solutions for half of the 3 million citizens of this city, to regain a stable and uninterrupted water supply.

Working to a very tight deadline, Grundfos provided a total of 50 pumps that included 12 submersible 400kW pumps that are being used to support a river intake pumping station as well as 12 equally large split-case pumps that are part of a high lift pumping station.

Water is one commodity that is frequently taken for granted until the supply is interrupted. Being able to re-establish a reliable water supply to Mosul is going a long way to giving this city back a sense of normality.

For more information on the wide range of applications that Grundfos can support visit www.grundfos.co.uk

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