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Mobile Mercury Analyser Passes the Test

The Mercury Analyser provided to Qa3 by Leeds based Spectronic Camspec completed its first successful field job recently.

The Lumex RA-915M Mercury Analyser uses Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) similar to that employed by other direct mercury analysers but with the addition of a unique Zeeman background correction function which reduces the effect of interfering impurities which is a common problem when measuring natural gas samples using direct AAS.

Qa3’s client required a portable direct AAS mercury analyser that could be deployed to remote locations to determine mercury in a clean and dry natural gas stream with minimal time on site. An investigation of the new Lumex RA-915M mercury analyser compared with larger and less portable equipment that typically employ gold amalgamation, pre-concentration and subsequent regeneration steps was carried out.

The trail involved the analysis of a calibration gas and the results from the two instruments over a seven day period were impressive.

The mercury concentrations determined using the new Lumex RA-915M mercury analyser with reference to the calibration gas (Hg in nitrogen) was in excellent agreement with that of the total combustion in oxygen AAS mercury analyser with an average difference of approx 3%relative to a moderately large measurement range of 6-21ug/m3

QA3s client application was a dry processed hydrocarbon gas with no aromatics present and the conclusions were that the Lumex RA-915M can be mobilised to remote locations and used on battery power if required, cross checks with combustion/goldtrap/AAS were in excellent agreement for calibration gases with only 3% relative difference

David Walls, Analytical Chemist at Qa3 commented that ‘the latest software is much improved and not only offers the user much improved functionality but also records all results for traceability and quality purposes’ Qa3 has over ten years experience using the original Lumex RA-915 mercury analyser which continues to be in service. The new model has proven to be robust and reliable.

Mark Brereton, Managing Director of Leeds based Spectronic Camspec which supplied the instrument said he was delighted with the results under test by Qa3. It’s now already in revenue earning service and looked like being as successful and profitable as the original still in use.

Spectronic Camspec

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