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New Automated Welding Robot Technology

welding robot

Together with Cloos, Baumüller is developing another articulated robot for automated welding technology

The Nuremberg-based drive and automation specialist Baumüller has developed the new welding robot QIROX QRC-290 together with Cloos, a manufacturer for robot and welding technology. The new six-axis articulated robot can hold welding torches with a weight of up to 4 kg and impresses with very precise dynamic movements at a high speed.

From the operating software to the servo drive, the entire automation of the six-axis articulated robot comes from Baumüller. The robot is driven by six DSH1 high-precision servo motors. This motor series was developed specifically for applications with the highest standards for quality and smooth operation. Typical application fields are welding robots, for example.

The multi-axis controller b maXX 5800 controls the axes. The compact controller for up to six drive axes can be configured individually and fully flexibly. This means that users can freely combine axis powers in the controller. They can also integrate the exactly right axis power for every single axis. The result is a device that meets the requirements of their applications perfectly.

In addition, the mechanical engineer benefits from a hardware-independent control software. The customer gets an efficient overall system and a shortened time-to-market thanks to the coordinated components from a single source.

The new QIROX robot QRC-290 as well as the welding robot Qirox QRH-280, also developed by Cloos and Baumüller, will be on display at this year's SPS IPC Drives at the Baumüller trade fair stand. Both companies Cloos and Baumüller have already been working together since 2016. Cloos provides highly-specialised procedural expertise and Baumüller implements this with pioneering automation solutions.

Global Oscilloscope via Tablet

At the trade fair stand, the new QIROX QRC-290 will exhibit the high level of dynamics and precision of the welding process by precisely running the contour of a complex workpiece at a high speed. The robot's motion profile and the current, voltage, speed and other process-related data are recorded via a global oscilloscope and are displayed in parallel.

Trade fair visitors can view the welding process data in real time on a tablet. The time-synchronised representation of the values increases the robot's real-time diagnostic capability and simplifies the documentation of complex welding processes for production optimisation and benchmarking. In addition, this facilitates the commissioning and service measures.

Produce flexibly thanks to smart networking

Another exhibit consists of two networked handling and robot systems. These will show at the trade fair stand how networking is used to achieve production optimisation. The palletising process of the 3-axle material handling system and the welding of the robot occurs in one process. The communication occurs via a Euromap interface, which is standardised in the plastics industry.

Both systems are complete solutions from Baumüller, from the control software to the drive. Baumüller thus shows how machine modules can be optimally automated for the respective production process and also flexibly automated depending on the application. The individual modules can easily be combined to form complete machines and systems or also integrated into new or existing systems.

Visitors can convince themselves of the intuitive operation of the Baumüller visualisation and the advantages of web capability directly at the exhibits. The user can then conveniently access the visualisation of the production data on a smartphone or tablet whenever needed.

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