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New environmental noise calculation software version

The market’s most powerful and intuitive software for environmental noise calculation – Brüel & Kjær’s Predictor-LimA Type 7810 – has more applications than ever with the release of the ninth version.

Predictor-LimA maps environmental noise using coloured contours that can be overlaid on 3D models, photographic images, or online maps, making it easy for non-experts to understand.

The new software has improved functionality and workflow support to make environmental noise mapping much simpler. It’s suitable for modelling shooting ranges due to 3D source directivity, which is necessary for modelling supersonic sources.

A ‘hanging barriers’ feature simplifies modelling of noise-reducing curtains – something that is more difficult with traditional modelling techniques.

The new function also makes it suitable for modelling bridge construction, where screens are placed on scaffolding beside the raised road surface and has improved wind turbine assessment, supporting input of sound power levels measured in accordance with IEC 61400-11.

For more information on the market’s most powerful and intuitive environmental noise calculation software, and to get a quote, please visit: bksv.com/Predictor

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