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The best in enclosure hardware at the new FDB Panel Fittings website

FDB Panel Fittings new website - enhanced style and functionality

The all new FDB Panel Fittings website is a stylish gateway to the best in enclosure hardware from international sales partners such as DIRAK, EMKA, Weston Body Hardware, Pinet, Gold & Wassall, Southco, Lowe & Fletcher, and their own FDB Online Shop where cabinet and enclosure fittings can be sourced ex-stock or to custom specification.

The new site is mobile friendly for users of tablets and smartphones, while providing direct links to sales partner sites for comprehensive catalogue availability.

The FDB Panel Fittings website signposts its sister site for FDB Electrical and their Online Shop, as well as their FDB News blogsite.

FDB Panel Fittings are specialist suppliers of locks, latches, hinges, handles, swinghandles and gasket sealing profiles for use on enclosures, storage lockers, control and distribution cabinets, HVAC, data storage and specialist vehicles.

FDB Panel Fittings

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