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How To Specify Electric Actuation

automation for valve installations

Actuated Solution Ltd (ASL), one of the UK's leading valve automation providers is encouraging specifiers of electric actuation products to keep it simple while sourcing automation for their valve installations.

With over 15 years expertise in electric valve automation and a portfolio of over 200 products, ASL's market leader position in provision of mid-level electric actuators, has been built upon sound technical knowledge and a pragmatic approach.

Although the actuation market is advancing in technological leaps and bounds in line with other industrial electrical equipment – ASL is encouraging buyers not to succumb to the impressive displays of automation wizardry when it comes to actuation, and ultimately not to be tempted to over-spec on their installations. This is on the basis that over-specification can be as troublesome in the longer term as under-specification.

Paul Slaughter, Managing Director of ASL commented;

“Technology can be a double-edged sword, new gadgets and special features are always attractive whether it's a new phone, car, laptop or in our business an actuator. However, we often find engineers in a whole raft of trouble because an installation hasn't been fitted with the appropriate actuators and the equipment specified is too complicated for the job in hand.

In our experience, the majority of electric actuators are perfectly suited for simple applications requiring open/close operations, other features are often left redundant and as with anything, the more complex the equipment is the more chance there is of going wrong and more chance you're paying for features you don't need or will use.

That is why we believe, to save both money and time, it is important to develop the specification detail from the outset to ensure products are fit for purpose.”

According to ASL, the most successful and reliable installations are those with ‘just the right fit', usually competitive in price and with solid reliable functionality i.e. not under-specified so that the products can't cope with the operational demand, but by the same token not over-specified which brings its own issues.

That's why ASL provides the most comprehensive range of mid-level specification electric actuators available. Their popular HQ series includes a rugged waterproof IP67 Aluminium housing, 4 limit switches, anti-condensation heater, visual indication and manual override handwheel all as standard. All of which provides users with high levels of functionality and reliability and represents exceptional value for money.

To find out more about Actuated Solutions visit: www.actuated-solutions.co.uk

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