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Improved OK Flux 10.62 With Excellent Slag Detachability And Very Strong Grains

OK flux

Creates very smooth weld beads, soft transitions to side walls and concave weld bead profiles. Can be used with high parameters and all SAW process variants such as Tandem, Twin, ICE, 3 or 4 wire process in every multi pass joint including narrow gap.

The strong grains allow multiple recycling cycles and prolonged flux hopper refilling intervals. Disturbances during flux recycling and dust creation are minimised. Flux chemistry, mechanical values and classifications for flux and all combinations same as for OK Flux 10.62, thus with various wires for highest demands on impact properties, low temperature toughness, strength and CTOD-values.

For Offshore constructions, pressure vessels, power generation, shipbuilding, pipe mills, civil constructions, transport industries, etc. Produces weld metal with hydrogen contents maximum 5 ml/100 g, in BlockPac (moisture protection) maximum 4 ml/100g.

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