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Launch of new long-life oxygen and emissions sensors

Honeywell company City Technology will be unveiling exciting new additions to its industry leading gas sensing range, the 4OxLL long-life oxygen sensor and new emissions sensors, at the MICONEX show in Beijing, China from 23-26 September (Booth A035).

The long life oxygen development will be the subject of a speaker session at the ARC Industry Forum of MICONEX entitled ‘How new innovations in oxygen sensing are improving the reliability of gas detectors and protecting lives and assets in challenging industrial environments’.

Wilson Tan, Business leader in APAC, comments: “Protecting workers from oxygen depletion and the hazards of toxic and flammable gases is a continuous challenge. Companies must not only maximize safety and adhere to stringent regulations, they must also leverage operational cost efficiencies. Selecting the right gas sensing solution is critical. The new RoHS compliant 4OxLL redefines oxygen sensing for industrial safety with unsurpassed stability in challenging environmental conditions, minimised nuisance alarms and extended operational life.”

City’s new emissions sensors will also be showcased at Miconex. The range includes new premium sensors for for high-end flue gas analysers and sensors for combustion efficiency instruments used in installation and service applications. The sensors are designed to ensure the highest levels of repeatability, stability and accuracy along with fast response times.  In addition, members of the team will be demonstrating City’s new smartboard technology designed specifically for the APAC market to simplify the development of gas detection instruments for companies that lack the required expertise or resources to undertake specific projects.

Wilson Tan added: “As a loyal exhibitor of MICONEX, we are excited to present our new products and latest technology to the market.  As the demand for gas detection grows in South East Asia we are working hard to provide gas detector manufacturers the best possible sensing solutions that enable them to meet the needs of their customers. Together we can help to protect millions of workers and billions of dollars of assets from the dangers of hazardous gases across the region. We are confident that the new products we are exhibiting at MICONEX will set new standards for performance within the industry.”

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