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Measurement Data Acquisition Free Technical Book

HBM is giving away a limited number of copies of its latest technical book called ‘Measurement Data Acquisition’ that gives detailed information on the electrical measurement of mechanical and physical quantities. The pocket-sized – 185 x 115mm (7.3 x 4.5 inch) – book covers every aspect of the measuring chain in six chapters across 83 pages including full colour pictures along with explanatory diagrams and graphs.

The book first introduces the importance of measurement technology and looks at the technical challenges that are involved in successful measurement and data acquisition. The book reveals important aspects of connecting various types of transducers such as platinum resistance thermometers and inductive displacement transducers.

Specific aspects of the measurement channels are discussed including carrier frequency amplifiers, digital filtering and the use of electronic data sheets in the transducers. The structure of a measurement system is also considered and the book gives pointers on data storage, communication interfaces and visualization.   The technical aspects of developing measurement systems for high channel numbers are also discussed since these demand additional considerations.

The offer is only available until Wednesday, 31st July, and only a limited number of copies of this invaluable reference book are available. The book will be despatched on a first-come first-served basis so make sure you claim your free book today by visiting www.hbm.com and completing the brief on-line form for obtaining your free copy of ‘Measurement Data Acquisition’.

Paul Beardsworth, HBM’s Sales Manager UK & Ireland says, “This is a handy reference book that we believe will be extremely useful for our customers as part of our continued drive to provide the best possible support and information for engineers”.


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