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Meeting Centres On Grundfos Energy Solution

Grundfos meeting upport

A large purpose built conference centre approached Grundfos Pumps to undertake an Energy Check as their pumps had been in situ for many years.

Finding out what energy savings could be achieved is straightforward, as Grundfos provide a range of diagnostic tools such as an Energy Check and Pump Audit that can establish the current pump system performance.  Not only that, but these tools also provide various post-analysis reports that include details regarding the potential savings and payback periods as well as the various pump options you could opt for.

This is what happened in this instance, when an energy check was undertaken which showed a potential energy saving of 1,083,067 kWh could be achieved by exchanging a number of circulators for energy efficient Grundfos options and, with a payback of just 2 years.

The pumps have now been installed for some time and are delivering not only in terms of the promised energy efficiency, but also are proving to be very reliable as they continue to deliver optimised pumping operation.

Grundfos have been at the forefront of energy optimised pump developments for years and take real pride in our achievements and approach to sustainability that is helping a wide range of companies to achieve real savings.

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