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New Developments in Liquid-driven Ejectors Push Boundaries

transvac r-d facility

Transvac Systems Ltd from Derbyshire, UK, is a world-leading supplier of Ejector solutions to the oil and gas industry. Ejectors offer a simple, cost-effective and reliable solution for applications including flare gas recovery, mature field life extension, and produced water handling and treatment.

Ejectors are essentially compressors with no moving parts. They perform a compression duty by using energy in a high-pressure stream to entrain a low pressure ‘suction’ stream, to boost its pressure. Ejectors can be driven by a variety of motive streams, such as gas, steam or water. These motive streams are often already available at the site, therefore running the Ejector ‘for free’.

Transvac’s latest range of Ejectors, called Liquid Jet Compressors (LJCs), use liquid (commonly water) as the motive stream, creating a powerful jet to compress a gas efficiently. Thanks to ongoing research and testing at Transvac’s state-of-the-art R&D facility, the latest LJC designs offer high efficiency, meaning less water is required for a set suction gas flow and therefore lower pump power requirements. (Although the LJC Ejector itself requires no power, the motive water needs to be pumped upstream of the LJC Ejector, which requires power and is how the technology is benchmarked against traditional compression technologies.)

Further, the liquid jet allows for very high compressions ratios, up to 150:1, in a single LJC Ejector stage. Other compression devices would require multiple compression stages to achieve the same result.

The prospect of using liquid to entrain a gas is an ideal solution for recovering flare gas. Water is often readily available, from injection or produced water process streams. The traditional sight of a burning flare stack at production facilities is increasingly frowned upon thanks to stricter rules on CO2 emissions. Commercially, it also indicates a wasted revenue stream.

Transvac’s LJC Ejector technology can be used to compress otherwise-flared gas back into the production system, either to be used as fuel or sent to export. With no moving parts and no maintenance requirements, Ejectors are a highly robust and reliable solution. A game-changer for life-cycle cost reduction.

We believe that these ultra-efficient, yet simple Liquid Jet Compressors are set to replace traditional liquid ring, screw and mechanical gas compression technologies, thanks to extremely high single-stage compressions and low operating costs.

Peter Ainge, Transvac’s Business Development Manager, said “It is a testament to the dedication of our R&D team that we can now offer such a reliable, efficient product into the Oil and Gas Market to address such an important environmental challenge. ”

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