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Potato X-ray Inspection System and Checkweigher

When handling hundreds of thousands of tonnes of potatoes it’s essential that the smallest possible contaminant is detected before they are processed, packaged and delivered to customers, which is why a major fresh produce supplier opted for Anritsu’s X-ray inspection system and checkweigher.

Products discovered to be contaminated with foreign bodies are damaging both financially and to the reputation of retailer and supplier alike, which is why Anritsu’s commitment to enhanced food security is reflected in its range of cutting-edge detectors and exceptional customer service.

It is this extensive experience in providing food safety solutions that was behind the decision of Branston Ltd, a leading provider of fresh and ready-to-cook potatoes which counts Tesco, One Stop, Waitrose and Ocado among its customer base, to purchase Anritsu’s equipment for its award-winning prepared foods factory near Lincoln.

Branston installed Anritsu’s KD74 X-Ray machine and SSV Checkweigher on a line that has been upgraded to become a highly efficient gold standard tray line. The equipment is providing the business with total confidence that its exceptional potatoes are contaminant free and safe for consumption when they leave the facility.

Branston Prepared Foods’ General Manager, Richard Heppleston, said: “It’s paramount that the product we send out is free from any foreign bodies, including metal, stone, wire, glass, plastics etc. I had previous experience of using Anritsu so already knew what the technology offered. They have over 12 algorithms available to look at a wide range of contaminants.

“The sensitivity of the equipment to very small foreign bodies whilst not giving false positives really impressed me. We have increased accuracy on our foreign body detection and the service from Anritsu is fantastic, from the installation engineer through to the after sales team.”

All Anritsu’s X-ray inspection systems are renowned for satisfying every regulatory safety standard around the world. Anritsu UltraHD technology can detect down to 0.2mm diameter ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel sphere at production line speeds. Anritsu’s ability to detect contaminants with high accuracy, sensitivity and repeatability is unmatched in the industry.

The KD74 series has 0.4mm HD resolution and faster processing power improves contaminant detection and allows for the introduction of missing component, shape, count and Virtual Weighing quality inspection features.

Anritsu’s SSV checkweighers come with a colour LCD touch screen enhancing usability and system navigation. Six standard view screens are available to quickly see product weight or trending information. The SSV supports 200 different products which can be stored in the memory of the machine.

Anritsu designs and develops all its products in-house to support every solution with 100% confidence. Its food safety solutions have earned global recognition for their outstanding performance, capability and credibility.

Last word goes to Mr Heppleston at Branston, who added: “I knew that the system we were being sold was backed up with real results and a fantastic after sales service. I think the Anritsu machines are fantastic, reliable and do exactly what the company commits to.”

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