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Protective Wear Range For Electrical Engineers

electrical engineer protective wear

Electrical engineers keen to broaden their horizons and work on a global scale will have no problem protecting themselves from the dangers of arc flash with protective clothing from Skanwear, whose garments meet a plethora of guidelines in a number of different countries.

Specialising in high-quality items and accessories that offer superior protection against the devastating impact of arc flash, which can wreak havoc for workers in a variety of environments where electricity is a key component, Skanwear has an extensive range of products that includes Hi-Viz jackets, goggles, helmets and jackets.

A global brand, the specialist supplier stocks gear that can be worn in a number of different countries including the UK, Zurich, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Germany and France. Skanwear ensures that workers are kept safe in a variety of hot and cold environments with garments that meet strict regulations.

Keen to support the businesses that they supply to, Skanwear also offers a management and e-ordering tool called Safeline, which enables businesses to take full control of their PPE inventory and purchasing, allowing for supplies to be ordered and delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Angus Long, Global Technical Manager said: “As a global supplier of PPE, we are committed to ensuring that our products can offer protection to electrical engineers working in a number of different countries.

“The risk of arc flash is the same wherever you go, so it’s important to ensure that the clothing that you choose, either for yourself or your business, will provide adequate protection. An arc flash is the light or heat that occurs as a result of an arc fault and can cause large shock waves, loss of memory and other injuries as a result of being blown from ladders and other working apparatus.

“We stock a variety of garments composed of inherent fabrics which provides superior protection, is completely fire resistant and will not reduce in effectiveness as a result of wear or laundering.”

This ARC Global Hi-Viz Jacket provides ultimate protection against arc flash and comes in a lightweight, comfortable fit.

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