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Constant-speed Rokon tank wash nozzles do both.

Spray balls are very heavy users of water. Fluid-driven rotating nozzles less so. But a conventional fluid-driven nozzle rotates faster and loses cleaning efficiency if you increase liquid pressure. Rokon tank wash nozzles from Spraying Systems Co are also driven by the fluid itself – but as pressure increases, rotation speed stays constant.

Result. Water consumption is held down while cleaning efficiency increases. Rokon nozzles are part of the wide range of total tank cleaning solutions offered by Spraying Systems. They can be used independently or integrated into a complete TWS-2050 automated tank wash system, with dedicated spray controller / pumping unit.

The TWS-2050 system can save money all round – by cutting cleaning times, labour, water and solvent use , wastewater production and energy consumption – as well as giving reliably consistent, repeatable cleaning performance and eliminating operator safety issues.

For more information contact Spraying Systems Ltd, Farnham, Surrey.

Tel. 01252 727200 E-mail: [email protected] Web: www.spray-uk.com

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