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Bearing Supported Stub Shafts

bearing supports

Specifically designed for side load applications this stub shaft design employs a single and double roll radial ball bearing designed for light and heavy-duty work. The bearings are self-contained in our specially designed housing that will keep the assembly free of contamination.

These supported stub shafts come pre-mounted to your specific flywheel housing plate or custom housing. The package includes a mounted bearing support and a flywheel coupling that will be sized to your application to drive the bearing support sub-assembly.

Specifically designed for side load applications.

Output: Depends on your application for shaft size and length.

Input torque (max.): 881 Nm (650 lb-ft).
Input / output speed: 3000 rpm.
Power (max.): 261 kW (350 HP).
Bearings: 3 years continuous running.

These bearing supported stub shafts allow side-load to the back of an engine while simultaneously preventing any load transmission back to the crankshaft. Many industrial engines do not allow side loads on their engine crank shafts (pulley applications) but this is a suitable solution to a common problem.

For further information including technical specification catalogue please see “Bearing Supported Stub Shafts

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