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Clean, Thorough, Efficient: 15 Years of Self-cleaning Heat Exchangers

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The year 2000 is not only a special year because of the new millennium: the best Olympic Games ever were held in Sydney, with the most athletes, the most types of sports, the most participating countries

The Harry Potter books won the hearts of readers around the world in the international book market and there was also good news in the industrial sector: the self-cleaning Activepowerclean heat exchanger came on the market! A small technological advance in the treatment of used industrial wastewater, with great effect. It saves users of vacuum distillation systems a large amount of energy and maintenance costs. It is turning 15 this year.

This technology was developed 16 years ago in the Application Center of H2O GmbH. The aim was to dramatically reduce the energy consumption of vacuum distillation systems. “And we did it! Activepowerclean has had a significant role in reducing the average energy consumption of our vacuum distillation systems by 28 percent in the last 15 years,” explains the Head of the Application Center for Wastewater-Free Production, Peter Demarez.

How does it work? It”s simple: the heat exchanger cleans itself using small ceramic balls. That prevents the formation of deposits inside the pipes.

The high flow speed in the heat exchanger, which circulates the ceramic grinding balls, ensures thoroughness. The rapid circulation carries the contaminants which result from accumulation of the wastewater away from the tube walls. This means stubborn deposits do not build up in the first place and the heat exchanger tubes remain clean. This ensures an efficient heat transfer and saves on expensive maintenance and cleaning costs.

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95 percent of customers so far have chosen VACUDEST systems with Activepowerclean. Not without reason. This technology saves money. To date, H2O has developed and applied for over a dozen patents and intellectual property rights. After Activepowerclean. technologies such as Destcontrol and Clearcat followed, which set new standards in terms of distillate quality.

For more information about the benefits of the technologies from H2O, please contact our experts for wastewater-free production. Just write to us!

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