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EDF, Philips and OSRAM: an alliance to decrease the production costs of European industry

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The EDF’s Energy Efficiency Campus located in Torino (Italy) held on June 19 and 20, 2014 an international and private training session regarding lighting on industrial sites: plants, workplaces, car parks and common areas.

This is the first step to promote the partnership between EDF Fenice – an EDF Group subsidiary dedicated to energy efficiency – and the main lighting equipment suppliers in Europe: Philips, OSRAM, GEWISS and Comoli Ferrari. The partners are co-organizers and speakers during the training session.

The session is held in front of more than 100 French, Italian, German, Swiss, English, Swedish and industrial customers, representing all the activity branches in Europe: Automotive, Chemistry, Utilities, Food & Beverage, Steel & Iron, Construction, consumer Commodities and Textile.

Lighting accounts for more than 10% of the energy costs of industrial companies. In this sector, thanks to project engineering, use of LED and lighting management softwares, the energy savings can reach 20 to 40% of the initial consumptions, and even more. Nicolas Katcharov, President of the Campus and CEO of EDF Fenice, thus reminded that ‘’the energy optimisation interventions led by  EDF Fenice on industrial lighting of AVTOVAZ – LADA allowed the Russian automotive manufacturer to save 80% of the initial consumptions’’.

Lighting has also an influence on fatigue, aesthetics and wellbeing in professional environments, contributing to the productivity of workers, employees and executive managers.

Dealing with the energy performance on lighting, EDF Fenice is preparing, along with its partners, a turnkey optimisation offer to enhance the competitiveness and the productivity of the European industries.

Olivier MARTINELLI, EDF Fenice – Head of Communication & Press [email protected]

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