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ETL Approved Pumps Enable Users To Claim Back 100% Capital Allowance

For businesses looking to improve the energy efficiency of their operations, Xylem is pleased to announce that the Flygt SmartRun and PumpSmart are now approved and listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL).

Effective immediately, the Flygt SmartRun and PumpSmart, intelligent control systems qualify for the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme; enabling customers to claim 100 per cent of the first year capital allowance against taxable profits in that period.

Guy Fitzpatrick, general manager of ICA at Xylem, commented: “For a product to feature on the ETL, it must meet certain energy saving criteria, and the ECA can only be claimed on eligible equipment.

“Customers may be aware of the potential savings new equipment could make, but don’t necessarily have the funds to make the change. The ECA was created with this in mind, enabling businesses to invest in energy saving equipment at no upfront cost. I hope people will take advantage of it.”

Flygt SmartRun is a pump control unit that forms part of the Flygt Experior range, which work together to offer a state of the art pumping solution. It provides the full benefits of variable speed pumping and is designed to achieve energy savings and maximum cleaning, within wastewater pumping stations. Flygt SmartRun also offers integrated intelligence, alongside variable speed controls; making it the perfect match for Flygt N-pumps – resulting in a potential 50 per cent energy saving.

Flygt PumpSmart is a standard variable frequency drive designed with unique proprietary software, specifically for driving wastewater pumps. While using a standard variable frequency drive usually means de-rating pumps, the PumpSmart ensures all the advantages of speed regulation, as well as pump efficiency; through smart controls and flow stability.


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