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Expert Appointment Marks Significant Move In Camozzi’s Electrical Expansion

tim lobley

Camozzi has expanded its technical offering with the appointment of Tim Lobley in the role of Technical Applications Manager.

Electrical specialist Tim started his career as an apprentice at Cottam Power Station, Newark, before moving on to become a service engineer and maintenance manager with a compressed air specialist.

In recent years, Tim has been self-employed as a machine manufacturer, but the constraints of working as a one-man-band have prevented him from taking on the large projects to which his skills are best suited.

He explains:

“I was keen to expand into more substantial projects, but a lack of support prevented me from doing so. My new role with Camozzi gives me the scope to handle much more demanding challenges with the infrastructure and backing of an expert team.”

Tim will help grow Camozzi’s rapidly expanding electrical division by introducing new business and helping existing customers. Says Tim:

“Many customers have a clear picture of what they want to achieve, but may lack the skills set to put this into practice. Starting from a simple sketch, I can produce bespoke solutions and operator training that will help bring these ideas to fruition.”

Comments Camozzi UK managing director Adrian Farnham;

“Tim’s is a significant appointment for Camozzi and his considerable electrical knowledge and expertise will add an important new dimension to the services we are able to offer.”

Away from work Tim has enjoyed success competing in British F1 Sidecar events, sprints and hill climbs with sidecar passenger Darren Tritton.

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