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Gas Cylinder Storage Simplified Thanks To Website ‘Wizard’

The new features of gascagedirect.co.uk

The safe and secure storage of GAS CYLINDERS is an essential health and safety requirement for any business and the availability of practical and effective storage solutions can only be a good thing.  Thanks to the launch of www.gascagedirect.co.uk site owners, Health and Safety personnel, or whoever is responsible for gas cylinder storage, now have a dedicated and comprehensive resource of storage solutions and useful information.

Recently updated, the website now features a Gas Cage Wizard which makes choosing the right gas cylinder storage option even simpler.  User’s simply enter the height, diameter and the number of cylinders which need to be stored and the Wizard instantly calculates and suggests the most suitably sized cage from a standard range of cages.  If there is not a suitable cage within the standard range the Wizard directs customers to a bespoke cage page to ensure the right option is specified.

In addition to a wide choice of mesh cages, enclosures and cabinets the website also provides essential, up-to-date health & safety executive information, guidance and FAQ’s.  For example, general storage information for fixed sites, as well as vehicles and trailers, also advice on storage of empty cylinders and leak detection.  Site owners should also be aware that the H.S.E. has been actively inspecting businesses storing gas cylinders in an area which allows public access.

www.gascagedirect.co.uk offers safe and secure storage options for all popular sizes and shapes of cylinders and bottles containing butane, propane, carbon dioxide and acetylene.  Bespoke cages can also be supplied when a standard cage is unsuitable.

Full details are available at: www.gascagedirect.co.uk , [email protected]
Unit 19, Pelham Court, Broadfield, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 9SH

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