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How to Choose a New Packaging Machine

how to choose new packaging machine

When you buy a new packaging machine, it's a sizeable investment in your business. But it’s not just the upfront cost to consider. By choosing the right device for your packaging needs, you can ultimately save money and support the growth of your company.

Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine the right fit for your needs.

What will I be packing?

Do an audit on the items you regularly package and those that may only crop up every now and again. What are your volumes, what are your specified needs? Will you need to wrap different product lines?

Having this information readily available will help a machinery sales consultant identify what’s appropriate pretty quickly. For example, they might recommend an advanced machine that can automatically adjust to package many different product sizes.

How can I increase my output?

Do you want to maintain your production numbers or exceed them? When you increase your production output, you open your business up to new contract opportunities. Understanding the features that make packaging machines faster will influence your machine choice and what other adaptations you need to support this.

For example, what systems do you need in place to cope with the increased speed of output? There may be additional assembly and installation requirements for individual machines. Some will need to be integrated into your packaging line. Consider options that can be upgraded as your output increases.

What are my long-term goals?

Planning for your future packaging needs should be a factor in your decision-making process. It could mean the difference between a modular-built machine, one that’s more complex, or one that can be adapted as your packaging needs increase.

How much space do I have available?

You’ll need to strike a balance between the output you want and how much floor space you have to accommodate a machine. You’ll need to consider factors like how much room your employees have to move around which has safety implications. Will the panels be able to open so you can conduct maintenance? Do you have space for aisles alongside it?

packaging machine


Will I get the service and support I need?

Upgrading your packaging line will require staff training. Ask what service and support you’ll be offered when you buy a new machine. There may be certified technicians you can employ to help you with this transition and keep you on track with maintenance. Having backup assistance is also essential to minimise downtime when your machinery stops working.

What are my health and safety needs?

Implementing safe zones is an increasingly common practice in warehouses. It means a part of the machine can be maintained in a safe state, while the rest is in standby or in use. This cuts down on scrap and waste and improves productivity. A lock-out/tag-out system is another way to indicate maintenance is happening in a clear way.

There are other relevant machine modifications you can investigate with your supplier. For example, does the machine need to adhere to the OSHA regulation that requires Arc-Flash compliance? Is there an option for a transparent panel to be placed outside the electrical cabinet with a Graceport connector? If so, you'll be able to see if the inputs and outputs are all working correctly.

How can software assist me?

Some machines have an Ethernet option. This allows more than one person at a time to watch the device in operation. It also means you can generate reports using different target metrics with ease. When you integrate your software and hardware, you’ll set yourself up with smooth system functionality and easy access to production and predictive maintenance information.

Choosing the correct packaging machine will help you achieve your current and future business goals. It'll also streamline all processes to reduce waste in both materials and time. Ask yourself these questions before you purchase a new packaging machine, and you'll come out winning.

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