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Improved Flare Safety in Butadiene Production Success Story

Flare Safety

Butadiene is extremely flammable and is also a potential health and environment hazard. Hence, in butadiene production plants, off-gases produced during start up and shutdown are sent to a flare for safe destruction before release. The oxygen content of the exhaust gas must be carefully controlled, as too much could result in explosive combustion or the formation of popcorn polymer within the flare stack or main header.

Oxygen ingress in flare systems can have catastrophic consequences, particularly when the exhaust gas itself is highly flammable. To prevent accidents, reliable oxygen measurement is vital.

For one butadiene producer, a METTLER TOLEDO solution is succeeding where others failed…

To read more on this success story and to find out more about ensuring flare operation safety, visit: www.mt.com/uk-TDL-success-story

Mettler-Toledo Ltd

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