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Namur Certifies Emerson’s Magnetic Flowmeters

namur certified magnetic flowmeters

Rosemount™ 8700 Series meets rigorous standards for delivering process insight and reliable flow measurement to customers in the European chemical market

Emerson’s Rosemount™ 8700 Series of Magnetic Flow Meters has been certified to comply with NAMUR (Normenarbeitsgemeinschaft für Messund Regeltechnik in der Chemischen Industrie) recommendations, expanding the automation supplier’s portfolio of advanced process measurement solutions approved for use in the European chemical market.

NAMUR, the international association and standards body for automation technology users in the process industry, establishes recommendations for equipment deployed in the European chemical market based on operating norms and user requirements.

Emerson’s certification is the culmination of rigorous testing by an accredited third party, which allow the Rosemount 8700 Magnetic Flow Meters to be deployed in chemical industry applications.

The 8700 series’ hardware and software features, such as all-welded construction and self-diagnostic capabilities for verifying calibration, accuracy and overall device health, are designed to ensure reliable flow readings, ease installation, reduce maintenance costs, and improve operational performance in demanding process applications.

“The new certification positions Emerson to better serve users in the European and global chemical market, helping to take their operations to the next level of performance,”

said Scott Dudek, product manager for Rosemount magnetic flow meters at Emerson Automation Solutions.

“This achievement is a testament to our commitment to meeting the toughest safety, reliability, and operational requirements while offering a comprehensive magnetic flow meter portfolio.”

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